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Annealing and decorating furnaces for hollow glass

Quality, innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction are central to everything we do.

Leaders in tradition,
Pioneers of innovation

Since 1946, Antonini Srl has meant excellence in glass-making.

Our success is living proof of the value of tradition in creating world-class enterprises.

One Heart, One Mission

The Beat of Innovation.

"One Heart, One Mission" is the story of our company: perfect synergy between skilled labor and state-of-the-art technology. Every beat marks a step towards the future.

Your Satisfaction, Our Success

Always by your side

We believe in excellent service that goes beyond sales. From development to support: we’re always there for you, guaranteeing our products’ maximal efficiency and reliability.


Art that lasts:
our furnaces

Perfecting an art takes time, we know it. Our furnaces are designed to last and to offer excellent performance over the years.

A Solution tailored for you

Created only for you.

We can build customized industrial furnaces that fit elegantly into your production line, ensuring maximal efficiency and quality.






Countries around the world


Years of history


Our process

STEP 1 - Discovering your needs

Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation, to understand your needs and talk about your expectations. Often, this is followed by a meeting at your facility, to gather precious data and to survey critical aspects of your operation. This is to assure that the proposed solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

STEP 2 - Shaping your project

Based on the initial information gathered, following a technical-commercial analysis, an offer and a preliminary custom design will be prepared. This step ensures that your furnace's specifications are aligned with your needs before proceeding further.

Come operiamo 1 | Antonini Srl
Come operiamo 2 | Antonini Srl
STEP 3 - Refine and approve the details

We review the project alongside you, revising all needed modifications and adjustments, until you are absolutely satisfied. Our goal is to ensure a solution perfectly tailored to your requirements.

STEP 4 - Turning your project into reality

Receiving your approval, we begin production. We use materials of the highest standards and advanced construction techniques to guarantee optimal performance and durability.

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STEP 5 - Quality control

After careful verification by our quality control, we proceed with the shipment. We will continue with the installation and commissioning directly at your facility, also offering in-depth training to your staff.

STEP 6 - Our work isn’t over

Our service does not stop with delivery. We remain by your side, offering security and client support. From routine maintenance to scheduled revisions, including ready and available spare parts, we are always by your side to ensure that your productivity does not falter and your investment pays off.

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All stages of Antonini processing, from design to delivery, are meticulously handled in every detail by our specialized workforce


Specialized Technical Consultancy

We provide specialized technical consulting to improve productivity and optimize existing processes.

After-Sales Service

Our commitment continues after the sale, with comprehensive support to ensure the optimal functioning of your furnace.

Upgrades and Revisions

We offer consulting services for revisions and technological upgrades to make your furnace more efficient and safe, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Staff Training

We will share best practices that the staff should adopt to maintain the furnace at maximum efficiency and make it last longer.

CE Standard Adaptations

We provide technical consulting to ensure that your equipment complies with CE regulations or current legislation.


Our mission is to reduce environmental impact, complying with eco-sustainability regulations and ensuring well-being in the workplace