ANTONINI SRL, with a workforce of over 80 employees, including a team of qualified managers and highly specialized engineers, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of machinery for hollow glass producers worldwide. It takes pride in offering custom services and has found in the CRM (Customer Relation Management) model the successful formula for meeting customers’ growing expectations and changing needs, standing out with prestige in the international market.


  • Annealing lehrs
  • • Annealing lehrs with two belts
    • Decorating lehrs for ceramic paints
    • Decorating lehrs for organic inks
    • Tempering lehrs
    • Lehrs for glass blocks
    • Lehrs for HV insulators
    • Lehrs for special thermal treatments
    • Lehrs upgrading & overhauling
    • Kilns for moulds (standalone)
    • Kilns for thermal treatment of deliveries
    • Moulds preheating chambers (built-in)
    • Scraper
    • Cold end spray systems
    • Accessories



    ANTONINI, improving and integrating innovative ranges of models in avant-garde technologies and drawings, is able to specialize its production, manufacturing annealing, decorating and tempering lehrs for hollow glass. ANTONINI integrates its production program with accessories as kilns for moulds and other devices, cross-conveyors,cold-end treatments, motorized brushes for belt cleaning. On its Customers request, ANTONINI supplies also lehrs for special thermal treatments as lehrs for glass block or electric insulators (NiS lehrs).