In the temperature controlled section (Tunnel), the last areas are cooled by means of motorised on-off or proportional valves. When they are open, the valves let air from the outside be sucked in directly by the circulator impeller.



Therefore, the external air is mixed with the tunnel air at the impeller level and does not directly influence the articles.
In the last areas of the tunnel, special outlets exhaust local hot air over-pressure. Therefore, each area has its own balancing and air-drift control system. This system controls the temperature in an extended and independent manner in all tunnel areas, ensuring that the temperature set for each area is maintained.

The uncovered section is cooled by means of special “cooling bridges” made of rows of fans mounted on swivelling or fixed frames. Air flow is variable or fix upon request. Special localised and filtered cooling systems may be fitted on request to comply with local standards.
To meet the growing requirements of “cold treatments”, localised systems that control and adjust the skin temperature of the glass item have been successfully fitted to the lehrs.