To cure decorations, where the uniformity and accuracy of the temperature and the repeatability of the process are fundamental, ANTONINI proposes its own Decorating Lehrs where these features are fully attended.
A Decorating Lehr can be considered as the extension of an Annealing Lehr, to which some modules are added at the beginning to heat-up and fire the decorations.
The consolidated quality of Annealing Lehrs allowed us to apply the same high technology to these modules which are extremely important as they constitute the innovative items heating and paint fumes extraction systems. Both innovations guarantee an accurate thermal process and a clean fumes evacuation ducts.
The Decorating lehrs are composed of:
• A charge table suited to hand or automatic items belt loading.
• An exhaust hood to eliminate the fumes produced by decorations.
• A hand-lift or motorised inlet door.
• A series of high power heating modules (usually 2, 3 or more), for a heating speed that goes from smooth to ultra-rapid (suited to special decors), based on Customer requirements.
• A system that extracts and exhausts the fumes.
• A temperature control and measurement system.
• A “bi-component” insulation, specifically and carefully designed to guaranty absolute stability over time.
• A tunnel section and an uncovered table exactly like a classic annealing Lehr (see the section regarding Annealing Lehrs).