The ANTONINI product range includes these Kilns that are a part of the auxiliary equipment needed and sometimes indispensable for glass production.
In particular, these Kilns are used to:
• Pre-heat moulds;
• Perform specific heat treatments on instruments such as delivery, moulds and the like.

There are two different types:
Stand-alone. These are small chambers that are heated using standard systems (direct or indirect gas, electrical, other), which are, however, in the majority of cases, fitted with mechanical handling systems, such as extractable, single or multi-stage trolleys, single or double doors, etc.
In addition to the standard versions (see photo), there are custom versions, of which the photos are merely an example of the designs possible based on Customer requirements.
These kilns are manufactured using components that are almost identical to or interchangeable with those used in the annealing lehrs, in order to reduce spare parts needs to a minimum.

Built-in. These are convenient “pockets” created in the side walls of the first zones of an Annealing Lehr (see photo). The chamber may be accessed through high-insulated doors fitted on hinges with individual latches. Where it is necessary or possible to adopt this system, the resulting reduction in terms of energy consumption and space requirements is evident.